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Ci tools

To unleash the full capabilities of Archicad, architects can benefit from using a range of indispensable tools and strategies tailored to enhance their workflow and maximize the software's potential.


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Doors+Windows Tool

Discover boundless design possibilities with the Ci Doors+Windows Tool, offering an extensive range of door and window styles featuring diverse panels, opening methods, trims, and sills.

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Keynotes Tool

Keynotes streamlines the annotation process, offering quick and accurate note placement by creating a customizable database of notes. This database can be built from scratch or imported, allowing notes to automatically attach to elements based on their attributes.

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Cabinets Tool

Simplify your cabinetry modeling with a single, highly-configurable object instead of using separate objects for each cabinet type and shape.

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Coverings Tool

Apply 3D modeled skins to walls, slabs, columns, and roofs in both 2D and 3D views for added realism and detail.

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Objective Tool

Ci Objective merges the functionalities of Ci Extrusions and Slab Edges tools, offering a powerful suite of features to bend, split, rotate, align, and modify elements within your Archicad model. 

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Electrical Tool

Easily place and align electrical symbols with the Ci Electrical Tool. Set your desired elevation, and the tool will intelligently rotate and position symbols to align with your walls when placed.

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Stairs Tool

Create stairs with complete flexibility and ease directly within your model.

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Metadata Tool

With the Ci Metadata tool, manage model element properties and classifications conveniently using a palette interface, eliminating the need to navigate through dialog boxes.

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Annotation Tool

With the Ci Annotate tool, effortlessly manage text case in Archicad.

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Shortcut Tool

Ci Shortcut is a powerful tool designed to accelerate your workflow by quickly locating and zooming to the plan view representation of selected model elements in 3D or Section/Elevation views with a single click.

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Transformer Tool

Introducing the new Ci Transformer tool in Archicad 24, a game-changing solution for mirroring entire projects with just one click.

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Quantities Tool

CI Quantities streamlines the calculation, scheduling, and export of bill of quantities from your live Archicad project model.

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Framewright Tool

With Framewright integrated into Archicad, you can convert any user-defined shape into a framing object, enabling flexible and precise design of oak frame houses.

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