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Archicad's Breakthrough: Attaining buildingSMART's IFC4 Architectural Reference Exchange Certification Amidst ISO's Approval of IFC 4.3

Archicad has marked a significant milestone in 2023 with the achievement of buildingSMART's IFC4 Architectural Reference Exchange Certification.

This accolade underscores Archicad's dedication to facilitating seamless collaboration through enhanced data exchange efficiency within architecture. The IFC4 schema represents a pivotal advancement in interoperability and open standards, solidified by our buildingSMART certification, ensuring excellence in fostering consistent workflows across diverse software platforms.

The technical strides of IFC4 surpass its predecessor, IFC2x3, boasting refined geometric representations, sophisticated parametric modeling capabilities, and an expanded feature set supporting a wide array of BIM workflows. This evolution addresses the escalating complexity of architectural projects and aligns with the stringent requirements imposed by public building authorities.

For professionals and firms aspiring to lead in BIM technology, Archicad's latest accomplishment in IFC4 support serves as a call to embrace a future-proofed workflow. Explore how Archicad's buildingSMART-certified IFC4 import capabilities can revolutionize your architectural practice and propel you into the future of BIM collaboration.

In a parallel development, buildingSMART International announces the approval of IFC 4.3 as the latest ISO 16739 standard, solidifying its status as the final standard. This international accreditation positions IFC 4.3 at the forefront of the industry, following thorough improvements and amendments in the ISO process, garnering 100% approval and set to be formally published in the coming weeks.

Clive Billiald, Chief Executive of buildingSMART International, expressed excitement, stating, "Having formal approval from ISO that IFC 4.3 will become an internationally accredited standard is excellent news for our industry. I do not doubt that the quality of the standard has been improved through this process, and I commend the work of everyone involved over a number of years. Now we look forward to supporting the adoption and use of this new standard by the industry and software vendor community."

About buildingSMART International:

buildingSMART International stands as a vendor-neutral, non-profit organization leading the development of open standards that facilitate digital information flows across the built asset industry. With a mission to engage industry participants in the development of open standards worldwide, buildingSMART provides the necessary technical and process support to establish consensus-based open standards. Collaborating with members across the built environment spectrum, buildingSMART also partners with international standards bodies such as ISO, CEN, and OGC. The core Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standard achieved ISO approval in 2012.

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