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BIMx Explained

BIMx is a powerful tool that allows architects to share the intended design and/or the complete project documentation in 2D and 3D called a BIMx Hyper-Model. BIMx provides an immersive experience that enables users to explore the building or development in detail, both inside and out. In this article, we will explore the different features of BIMx and how they can benefit the entire project team.

BIMx Web Viewer:

BIMx Web Viewer is a web-based tool that allows users to view and explore 3D models on any device with a web browser. The BIMx Web Viewer provides a smooth and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate through the building or complex easily. This tool is ideal for sharing models with clients ,team members or any project stakeholder who may not have access to BIMx software.

BIMx Desktop Viewer:

BIMx Desktop Viewer is a desktop application that allows users to view and explore 3D models on their computers. The BIMx Desktop Viewer provides advanced features, such as model comparison, measurement tools, and more. This tool is ideal for clients who need to review the project in detail and communicate with the entire project team throughout the entire project life-cycle.

Complete Project Documentation:

BIMx allows you to access the complete project documentation which includes all the necessary drawings, schedules, and specifications. You can view the 2D drawings such as construction plans, sections, elevations, detailed drawings, schedules and more of the 3D building model or development including its meta-data assigned to the elements like the energy performance, fire rating or any other products manufacturer specific information. This comprehensive documentation enables all stakeholders to view the project in detail, from the design phase to the construction phase and even up to the asset or facility management phase.

BIMx Presenter and Gallery:

BIMx Presenter feature allows users to create interactive presentations and galleries of their 3D models and 2D documentation. Enabling users to create a guided tour of the building or development, highlighting important features and design elements. The Gallery feature allows users to set up predefined views to showcase their 3D models in a visually stunning way, using advanced visualization techniques and lighting effects. This feature is perfect for in-person presentation or even for the clients to explore in their own time.


BIMx allows users to engage by communicating and collaborating in real-time within the 3D model environment meaning no more paper on the building site or when presenting to your client. Enabling project teams to effectively discuss, make decisions, and resolve issues, all within the context of the 3D model. This tool is ideal for small simple or large complex projects for effective communication and collaboration.

BIMx Model Transfer Site:

BIMx Model Transfer Site is a cloud-based service that allows users to safely share the BIM or Hyper-model with any project stakeholders by simply uploading their Hyper-models containing all relevant 2D, 3D and meta-data to the cloud-based site and invite clients, contractors or any other members as required for access.

In conclusion, BIMx is a powerful tool that provides a range of features and benefits for the construction industry. BIMx allows you to share and communicate the complete project documentation for any stage of the project. You can share models via the BIMx Model Transfer Site, and collaborate effectively. The BIMx Web Viewer and Desktop Viewer enable you to view and explore 3D models, and the Presenter and Gallery tools allow you to create interactive presentations. With BIMx, you can streamline the design and construction process, improving efficiency and communication throughout the project lifecycle.

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