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Highlight some of Archicad 27 New features

Design with Archicad

Archicad 27 has a variety of user-friendly design tools, element connections and modeling concepts. Below we will name a few.

The intelligent tracker facilitates automatic calculations directly from the tracker. This speeds up the process and reduces the possibility of errors.

Archicad 27 Highlight Feature

Speed up your designs with automatic distance guidelines. This function allows for positioning of model elements with an automatic numerical and graphical input of dimensions.

Regardless of the size and scale of the project, Archicad allows for user-friendly sharing capabilities to optimize team workflow.

Visualize with Archicad

Archicad’s importing and exporting industry-standard FBX files to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications is made easy by providing designers with high-impact AR/VR experience.

TotalCAD Archicad
Archicad 27 Highlight Feature

Architects have access to High-impact images and videos. This allows for Architects to create a dynamic visual experience for their clients.

Collaborate with Archicad

Archicad 27 continues to facilitate easy workflow through different teams. With Industry Standard Certification, Archicad 27 facilitates OPEN BIM collaboration with IFC4.

Archicad’s Model Compare tool is developed for architectural teams who have extensive change management requirements. The new dialog displays a comprehensive and detailed list of changes.

TotalCAD Archicad
Archicad 27 Highlight Feature

Document With Archicad

Archicad allows for visual appearance with project calculations, lists and schedules. These schedules allow designers to extract and list the right data from the BIM project. This will allow for more control over the visual aspects of your reports.

TotalCAD Archicad
Archicad 27 Highlight Feature

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