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How To Create A Site Plan In Archicad

Creating a site plan on Archicad is an essential task for architects, planners, and designers. A site plan is a graphical representation of a construction site that provides information about the location, layout, and design of a building or complex. A site plan helps to identify the various elements of a construction site and understand how they fit together. Follow these steps to create a site plan in Archicad.

  • 3D Documents: Archicad allows you to create 3D documents to visualize the building and communicate the design more effectively. You can use this same method to get a top projected view from the 3D model of the site and the building by using the 3D Projection Settings to generate a 2D site plan which can be documented further using other tools.

  • Elevation and Section Markers: On the site plan, elevation and section markers may need to be shown. To show the elevation and section markers, select the marker tool from the toolbox and place them on the site plan or switch on the layer/s if the markers already exists.

  • Dimensions: On the site plan, many different dimensions are required for example, overall dimensions and setback dimensions to boundary lines need to be shown. To add dimensions, select the Dimension tool from the toolbox and place it on the site plan.

  • Plants: Existing, proposed, and removed trees or vegetation need to be shown on the site plan. To add the plants, select the required objects from the library using the Objects tool from the toolbox and place it on the site plan. The object tool allows you to add 2D and/or 3D trees, shrubs, and other vegetation to the site plan.

  • 2D Objects: Archicad also provides a range of 2D only objects that you can use to enhance the site plan by for example the site entrance or true north symbol to make it more informative.

Other Elements: Surface drains, boundary lines, drainage reserves, green buffer, entrance/exit, adjacent site numbers, adjacent roads, site contours etc., need to be shown on the site plan. To display these elements, select the appropriate tools from the toolbox and place/draw them on the site plan.

Tip: Import drawings received from other consultants like land surveyors to form part of your site plan.

In conclusion, creating a site plan on Archicad is a simple and straightforward process that requires a few basic tools and techniques. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create a comprehensive and informative site plan that provides all the necessary details about the construction site.

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Example images generated from Graphisoft Sample Project: Hillside House . For more info click here.



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