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Teamwork for Archicad

Collaborating on an Archicad project can be a challenge, especially working in a team. By combining Archicad with BIMCloud it’s possible to work more effectively and efficiently.

There are three BIMcloud options to combine with Archicad, depending on the size of your team and your requirements, you can decide which option best suits your needs.

BIMcloud Basic

BIMcloud Basic is free with any Archicad License and can be used within an office network. For BIMcloud Basic you’ll need a server computer and a local network in your office, once installed you can share your project and work together on it simultaneously.


BIMcloud can be accessed from inside and outside an office network, this makes it ideal for remote offices or work from home scenario’s. For this option you require either a server or a self managed server through a service provider.

Archicad South Africa

BIMcloud as a Service

BIMcloud as a Service can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with no IT setup required. Once you’ve purchased licenses, you can start sharing your project and as the project grows, resources automatically gets assigned to make your project perform optimally.

TotalCAD Archicad South Africa

The BIMcloud versions have different features that make them suited for different companies, click here to view which features suit your company best.

Contact TotalCAD today for more details on how you can be more productive by communicating more efficiently with your team. Subscribe and save.



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