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Unlocking Design Collaboration with BIMcloud for Education

In the dynamic world of architectural design, collaboration is key. Imagine working seamlessly with colleagues on intricate projects, regardless of physical location. With GRAPHISOFT's BIMcloud, this vision is a reality, especially for educational users of Archicad.

Revolutionizing Teamwork in Architecture

BIMcloud, a cutting-edge solution embraced by global design firms and contractors, facilitates real-time collaboration. It empowers multiple team members to work concurrently on projects, fostering a new era of group challenges and competition. Whether you're a student or an educator, BIMcloud redefines teamwork.

Students: Empower Your Team

Are you looking to elevate your collaboration to the next level? Here's how BIMcloud transforms your design experience:

Form a Team: Gather your peers and embark on collaborative ventures.

Select a Leader: Designate a team leader to spearhead your efforts.

Team Registration: The team leader kickstarts the process by signing up through the Team Leader Form, receiving a unique Team ID.

Seamless Integration: Share the Team ID with teammates for streamlined registration via the Team Member Form.

Project Launch: Dive into your BIMcloud Project and unleash your collective creativity. Educators: Empower Your Students

For educators, BIMcloud serves as a catalyst for academic growth and innovation:

Free Sign-Up: Educators can enroll for free and gain access to an exclusive university folder. Group Formation: Organize design groups within your class, appointing team leaders to guide each cohort.

Student Integration: Students' individual projects seamlessly integrate into the designated folder.

Continued Support: BIMcloud retains accounts beyond the semester, enabling continuous usage across classes. How It Works

With EDU.BIMcloud, project files are securely stored in the cloud, with automatic backups ensuring data integrity. GRAPHISOFT manages the intricacies of project management, user creation, and maintenance, allowing users to focus on design excellence.

Who Can Harness Its Potential?

EDU.BIMcloud is tailored for Archicad Education users within academic settings, including universities, vocational schools, and high schools focused on architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Educational licenses and the latest Archicad Education version are prerequisites.

Getting Started Ready to embark on a collaborative journey? Here's your roadmap:

Register the Team Leader: Initiate the setup by registering the team leader.

Setup Completion: Upon setup completion, an email containing access details and an invitation link is dispatched.

Team Member Registration: Team members register using the provided link.

Launch Collaboration: Once accounts are live, dive into seamless teamwork.

Embrace the power of collaboration with BIMcloud for Education. Whether you're a budding architect seeking innovative teamwork or an educator fostering academic excellence, BIMcloud is your gateway to design synergy. Unleash your creativity and redefine collaboration with GRAPHISOFT's revolutionary platform.

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