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  • Debunking More Archicad Myths

    Welcome back to our series dedicated to dispelling misconceptions about Archicad, the premier BIM software empowering architects and construction professionals. Today, we'll tackle some prevailing myths surrounding this innovative platform. Myth 1: BIM is Only for 3D Modeling Archicad transcends traditional 3D modeling by offering a holistic design experience. Here's why BIM is more than just creating visuals: Unleash Creativity: Enjoy powerful algorithmic design tools and free-form capabilities that transform concepts into extraordinary designs. Flexible Modeling: Move seamlessly from conceptual volume models to comprehensive Building Information Models (BIM) at any stage of your project. Stay in the Flow: Design in both 2D and 3D views with familiar tools like layers and favorites, enhancing your creative process. Archicad empowers architects to focus on design excellence while seamlessly integrating real-life construction elements. BIM encompasses more than just creating 3D designs; it's a comprehensive approach that also focusses on other critical aspects such as design, visualization, collaboration, and documentation. Myth 2: Archicad is Only for Architects While architects are Archicad's primary users, it's embraced by a spectrum of building and construction professionals: Design Professionals: Utilize powerful algorithmic tools and large model support for streamlined workflows. Construction Professionals: Leverage automatic documentation and quantity take-offs for precise project execution. Archicad fosters collaboration across disciplines, ensuring comprehensive project delivery. Myth 3: It's Not Suitable for Structural Engineering Archicad supports structural engineering by facilitating seamless communication between architects and engineers: Design Development Workflow: Architects and engineers collaborate to align structural solutions with architectural intent. Adapt to Conditions: Tailor structural designs to project requirements, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Archicad's integrated approach ensures structural elements enhance architectural beauty. Myth 4: Archicad Can't Handle Large Projects Archicad excels in managing large-scale projects, evidenced by its performance, collaboration features, and documentation capabilities: Performance Optimizations: Maintain responsiveness with complex elements and layers. Collaboration: Enable simultaneous project work with Archicad's Teamwork function. Documentation: Automatically generate and update project documentation, ensuring accuracy. Archicad integrates seamlessly with other software, enhancing project scalability. Myth 5: It's Expensive for Small Firms Archicad offers affordable licensing options tailored to firms of all sizes, emphasizing long-term benefits: Efficiency and Productivity: Streamline design processes, saving time and reducing errors. Versatility and Integration: Integrate with industry-standard software, expanding firm capabilities. Scalability: Choose flexible licensing options to suit small firms' budgets. Investing in Archicad empowers small firms to compete effectively in a dynamic market. Conclusion Archicad is more than a software; it's a catalyst for innovation and collaboration across the architectural and construction landscape. By debunking these myths, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of Archicad, where creativity meets efficiency in every design endeavor. Join us as we redefine architectural excellence with Archicad, setting new standards in BIM technology. Contact TotalCAD today!

  • Unlocking Design Collaboration with BIMcloud for Education

    In the dynamic world of architectural design, collaboration is key. Imagine working seamlessly with colleagues on intricate projects, regardless of physical location. With GRAPHISOFT's BIMcloud, this vision is a reality, especially for educational users of Archicad. Revolutionizing Teamwork in Architecture BIMcloud, a cutting-edge solution embraced by global design firms and contractors, facilitates real-time collaboration. It empowers multiple team members to work concurrently on projects, fostering a new era of group challenges and competition. Whether you're a student or an educator, BIMcloud redefines teamwork. Students: Empower Your Team Are you looking to elevate your collaboration to the next level? Here's how BIMcloud transforms your design experience: Form a Team: Gather your peers and embark on collaborative ventures. Select a Leader: Designate a team leader to spearhead your efforts. Team Registration: The team leader kickstarts the process by signing up through the Team Leader Form, receiving a unique Team ID. Seamless Integration: Share the Team ID with teammates for streamlined registration via the Team Member Form. Project Launch: Dive into your BIMcloud Project and unleash your collective creativity. Educators: Empower Your Students For educators, BIMcloud serves as a catalyst for academic growth and innovation: Free Sign-Up: Educators can enroll for free and gain access to an exclusive university folder. Group Formation: Organize design groups within your class, appointing team leaders to guide each cohort. Student Integration: Students' individual projects seamlessly integrate into the designated folder. Continued Support: BIMcloud retains accounts beyond the semester, enabling continuous usage across classes. How It Works With EDU.BIMcloud, project files are securely stored in the cloud, with automatic backups ensuring data integrity. GRAPHISOFT manages the intricacies of project management, user creation, and maintenance, allowing users to focus on design excellence. Who Can Harness Its Potential? EDU.BIMcloud is tailored for Archicad Education users within academic settings, including universities, vocational schools, and high schools focused on architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Educational licenses and the latest Archicad Education version are prerequisites. Getting Started Ready to embark on a collaborative journey? Here's your roadmap: Register the Team Leader: Initiate the setup by registering the team leader. Setup Completion: Upon setup completion, an email containing access details and an invitation link is dispatched. Team Member Registration: Team members register using the provided link. Launch Collaboration: Once accounts are live, dive into seamless teamwork. Embrace the power of collaboration with BIMcloud for Education. Whether you're a budding architect seeking innovative teamwork or an educator fostering academic excellence, BIMcloud is your gateway to design synergy. Unleash your creativity and redefine collaboration with GRAPHISOFT's revolutionary platform. Contact TotalCAD for support!

  • Maximizing Efficiency: Doors and Window Schedules in Archicad

    As architects and designers, we understand the importance of efficiently documenting every aspect of a building project, including doors and windows. These elements are not just functional components; they contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of a space. In today's digital age, leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems like Archicad allows us to streamline the scheduling process, from small-scale projects to large-scale developments. Why do we schedule doors and windows? Simply put, we can't avoid them, and there are typically a lot of them in any building project. From residential homes to commercial complexes, doors and windows play a crucial role in defining the character of a space. By documenting them quickly and efficiently, we can ensure smooth project management and communication among stakeholders. The project type significantly influences how we approach door and window schedules. In smaller projects with fewer doors and windows, individual scheduling may suffice. However, with larger projects that may have thousands of these elements, a more systematic approach is necessary. Archicad addresses this challenge by developing a system to categorize and group doors and windows, eliminating the need to elevate each one individually. Aligning industry requirements with our documentation software capabilities is key. In the case of Archicad, we adhere to standard door and window objects to ensure compatibility and ease of scheduling. By restricting ourselves to these standard elements, we can efficiently organize and manage door and window schedules within the software. The main categories to consider when scheduling doors and windows in Archicad are as follows: Tabulated Schedule Required: This category resembles an Excel table and showcases typical elevations without door types. Each item is assigned a unique ID number, allowing for easy tracking and management. Draw/Elevated Schedule Required: Doors with substantial glazing or additional elements are shown as elevations, accompanied by an ID number. These elements are scheduled as line items, providing detailed documentation. Complex Glazing/Shopfront: These elements, such as shopfronts with intricate designs, are showcased as elevations and plans elevated as per the model. They are presented as typical drawings, ensuring clarity and accuracy. For more detailed information on scheduling doors and windows in Archicad, we invite you to watch our informative video. If you have any questions or need assistance with your project, don't hesitate to contact TotalCAD at We are here to support you every step of the way in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your building projects.

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