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Unlocking Design Potential with BIMx: A Unique Presentation and Collaboration Experience

BIMx – Explore, Engage, Mobilize

Bridge the gap seamlessly between the design studio, the client’s office, and the construction site with the award-winning BIMx. This versatile presentation and coordination app cater to desktops, mobile devices, and the internet, creating an unparalleled experience in the world of architectural design.

Present with Powered-Up BIMx

Elevate the design narrative by engaging clients on-site with the enhanced capabilities of BIMx. Accelerate the approval process with professional presentation solutions that empower you to control the entire experience.

We’ve Got Issues

Introducing BIMx Issues – your tool to mark up any 2D or 3D views during on-site visits or off-site meetings. BIMx Issues are BCF compliant, ensuring they remain trackable throughout the entire design process, fostering efficient collaboration.

Sign In for More BIMx Features, at No Extra Cost

Access additional features in BIMx effortlessly by signing in. Previously exclusive Pro features are now accessible to everyone with a free Graphisoft Account. Experience enhanced collaboration features with the new account-based licensing on mobile devices.

Information at Your Fingertips

Stay informed on the go with access to the exact specifications of building design elements. Seamlessly transition between layouts and 3D views, effortlessly retrieving 3D element information directly from 2D layouts. Associative labels ensure you get the most crucial information with ease.

Accurate Sun Positioning in BIMx

Involve your clients in crucial design decisions by leveraging Accurate Sun Positioning in BIMx. Optimize your design for the environment by harnessing natural light, creating a realistic and impactful visualization of your projects.

The Sky is the Limit

Enrich your design presentations with visual context from the dynamic skybox in BIMx. This precise visualization, coupled with accurate sun positioning, showcases an impressive airspace that corresponds to the time of day you set, elevating the realism of your projects.

Explore. Game-Like Experience

Simple, game-like navigation makes BIMx the 'best anywhere' presentation and collaboration tool on the market. Drive the design narrative on the building site for fast, specific client feedback. BIMx is the universal language connecting you with the entire world.

Game-Like Experience

Share your design effortlessly with all project stakeholders, eliminating the need for extensive training. BIMx offers a game-like experience, allowing anyone to dive right in and explore the intricate details of your project.

Complete Project Documentation

BIMx Hyper-models include hyperlinks to the comprehensive 2D project documentation and more. Bid farewell to the hassle of searching and opening incorrect sheets – hyperlinks guide you precisely to the right one.

2D and 3D Explained

Ensure that team members or clients not trained in reading 2D plans instantly grasp your design intent when they experience the project in 3D. BIMx bridges the gap, making design comprehension accessible to all.

Next-Generation BIMx Web and Desktop Apps

Experience faster loading, smoother navigation, and new customization tools with the next-generation BIMx Web and Desktop apps. The enhanced features transform BIMx into a robust BIM collaboration tool, offering an enriched user experience.

BIMx Desktop Moved to Stores

Download the latest version of BIMx Desktop Viewer directly from your app store. Benefit from automatic updates, faster access to new features and fixes, and an overall improved software delivery experience.

Embark on a revolutionary journey with BIMx, where design exploration, engagement, and mobilization redefine the way we connect with architectural projects.

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